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Thank you for taking the time to visit the professional website of Camille Weston.This website was created with the intention of making my career artistic and statistical data available to potential clients and employers.

While my web design portfolio can be found here and my published articles, web content, and professional business writing can be found here; a printable download of my corporate experience in resume format highlights my experience within the context of Software Sales, Account Executive, and Inside Sales Consultant and can be assessed in pdf format here.

Creative writing with regard to excelling in search engine placement by utilization of unique search engine optimization strategies. Web development, account management and technical sales.

Graduating with an associates degree in Creative Writing this semester, Fall 2015. Over 15 years of experience in search engine optimization and article writing with respect to search engine algorithms. Experienced in hand-coding of html, css, web editor-assisted JavaScript, as well as graphic design.

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Now more than ever I realize that God gives us unique experiences in life so that, if chosen, we may use those experience assets in order to serve Him with our whole lives and hearts. Today, I choose to serve the Lord in whatever capacity His holy will leads me.

Recently, I attended Andrews University as a theology major on campus and I do intend to complete seminary there at some point in the future by taking online courses.

I am also a church musician and play several instruments, including piano and guitar. Praising God in music is the greatest joy of my life, so I also enjoy volunteering my time and musical ability to play at nursing homes and charitable events.

I have excelled naturally in sales for all of my life. It taught me to listen keenly to my client’s needs with the intention of responding professionally and comprehensively, all while being persuasive and pleasant to speak with. Biblical study and guidance is the most prevalent source of decision making for me in daily interactions. Together, I look forward to sharing these learned blessings with others in Christian ministry.

I have managed an advertising firm as sole proprietor, Christian Designs, as a web designer, content writer and SEO strategist. This business is presently active as a charity exclusively.

I look forward graduating with a degree in Creative Writing by December, 2015. With the achievement of this goal in my purview, I am presently compiling a portfolio of written sermons and theological research papers that I have been working on throughout the years of achieving this degree.

My most recent employment position was as the Executive Director of the City of Atwood Housing Authority in Atwood, KS.

I am also a computer programmer in the field of web design and a published author. My exclusively original and hand-coded web designs can be reviewed at and my written articles can be reviewed at as well.

Because my expertise in web development is exceptional in the genre of SEO (search engine optimization), you will find that every piece of business writing and design coding that I produce is created with regard to optimum placement in the search engines.

May God bless you in your decision making process and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Camille Weston



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Technical Proficiencies

Christian Designs Account Executive, Inside Sales, Web Designer, SEO Marketing 08/07 to Present

Complementary to strategic SEO marketing research and implementation, I have also successfully sold web design services over the years in order to facilitate contracting as a freelance web designer and web content writer. Inside sales calls have included prospecting, initiating contact, contracting clients and implementing web development needs as stipulated.

Projects have also included designing websites and structuring them for optimum SEO placement in the search engines. Technical writing assignments have been successfully completed including the development of a tutorial for Google Chrome browser from scripting to production. The web development languages that I have used in these projects have included HTML, CSS, PHP, and HTML5 and Apache web server administration. Web editing software utilized included Adobe Creative CS Suite, including Dreamweaver and Ulead Photoimpact for graphic design.

Executive Director for the Housing Authority of the City of Atwood, Kansas 02/14 to 03/14

Executive Director for the Housing Authority of the City of Atwood, Kansas managing a small housing authority of 24 units. Responsibilities included supervising maintenance staff of one, apartment property management and public relations. Received official authorization to manage and draw down subsidies from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Participated in required training activities in association with local HUD field office and HUD videos. Planned and recorded board meetings minutes and agendas. Implemented set policies, met with public officials, accounting and account receivables.

Software Sales, Account Executive for a GovGistics, Inc. 09/10 to 04/11

Account management included software sales presentations, training sessions, and providing technical training to US government defense contractors pursuing business opportunities within the Military Industrial Complex of the Department of Defense. Successfully managed client data using sales CRM software. Consultation with clients involved analyzing and evaluating potential bidding opportunities in order to increase revenue through the utilization of our software. Training included conversational queries with potential clients, planning presentations and interactive walk thrus with varying levels of management, including C level management. This process included extensive interactive training sessions based on specifications relevant to their particular industrial needs.

Instruction was also inclusive of how to subsequently configure the web application in order to produce optimum results for bidding opportunities within the DOD and compiling strategic marketing analysis data. The average training session was 1 to 2 hours, in which I frequently attempted to close a deal in that call. The normal sales cycle was 6 weeks and required a series of follow ups and training sessions. However, I did achieve success at one call closes and with no subsequent cancellations.

Inside Sales Consultant at It's Just Lunch, Inc. 10/09 to 12/09

As a telemarketing and inside sales consultant for It's Just Lunch, I was provided leads that were generated by the internal marketing department of this company. Upon initial contact, my responsibilities included screening each potential client for 45 minutes to 1 hour. As a result of the data compiled in this initial screening, I then assessed the data to determine if a membership offer be be extended. In the event that a membership offer was extended, client negotiations took place based on a time delineated period that was most frequently annual. Meetings frequently occurred within other departments within our firm to ensure that each offer being extended was to a quality member that would appropriately fit our corporate model.

Web Designer, SEO Strategist, Writer as an Independent Contractor 03/95 to 05/06

Attended college and had success creating a web development firm for independent contracting. Christian Designs is the continuance of the computer programming, creative design, internet marketing and web development skill set garnered since 1995. It was during this learning intensive time period that I developed search engine optimization SEO techniques that are still specially guarded and priceless. Today, I still have the ability to place any website, in any city within a higher than average PageRank in virtually every search engine.

Will consider relocation and already have a fully functional remote office.

Download or Print Camille Weston Resume PDF

Camille Weston is a freelancer book and sermon writer with a unique specialization in formulating seo marketing strategies and hand-coding original web designs to correlate with high quality web content writing for optimal search engine placement.

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